Red Faction Finished - Great Game if You Choose Correct Difficulty Setting

Bill Harris of Dubious Quality recommended I play Red Faction on "casual" difficulty setting but gamer pride convinced me I knew better. I started off on normal and got about half way through the game at that setting before it eventually dawned on me that I just wasn't enjoying myself . Eventually I gave in and lowered the difficulty (thankfully you can change difficulty at any time) and the game transformed into a complete hoot. Sure lowering the difficulty level removes the challenge but this game is not about challenge it is about glorious carnage and destruction. The game even has a pretty good story if you are into that sort of thing.

I have previously grumbled about the infinitely respawning enemies but perhaps an even worse problem is the really crappy save game system. First problem is that you are always sent back to base whenever you reload meaning a tedious trek across the map to get back to your objective. Second problem is that there isn't even a decent checkpoint save system. Instead when you are killed you get resurrected to a  nearby base with a death penalty. If you you don't want the death penalty you have to load the last game you saved manually. You did remember to manually save your game after every bit of progress didn't you?  Playing on casual setting overcomes all of these issues by simply reducing the number of times you die.


Jayedub said…
I really want to get this game, I loved the first Red Faction.

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