Sunday, December 22, 2019

Now Playing

I am finally taking a break from Total War after almost a 2 year period of total immersion in the Warhammer series. I will certainly return for Total War Warhammer 3 but for now I am enjoying other games. 

Harebrained scheme's excellent Battlemech has kept me entertained for the last few weeks. This turn based strategy with big stompy robots is fantastic but now that I have a stable of fully trained pilots and well equipped mechs much of the original challenge of the game has diminished. There are lots of ways to increase the difficulty but I am happy to play out the main campaign and move on. 

Halo Master Chief collection has finally come to PC. I celebrated by replaying Reach, the only episode released so far. Still brilliant even though I played it as recently as last year on Xbox 360 during my Halo binge

Gears of War: Pretty brainless and unoriginal third person cover shooter but a lot of fun none the less. 

The Outer Worlds. This game is the reason I subscribed to Microsoft Game pass for PC but is didn't hold my attention for as long as I expected. I may  go back to it but for now my attention is elsewhere. 

Apparently I have a coffee problem

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