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December 2013 Game Haul

Games bought in online sales during December 2013 Steam: Number of games 6, Total Expenditure €31.84 Amazon: Number of games 4, Total Expenditure €11.64 Others: Number of games 30, Total Expenditure €24.87  Grand Totals: 40 games, €68.35 spent (Others include Green Man, Gamers Gate, Get Games, Uplay, Humble and Bundle Stars. None of these got more than €10 from me but there are three bundles included which explains the large number of games. ) Notable purchases include "Brothers a tale of two sons", "Crysis 3", "Far Cry Blood Dragon", "Sleeping Dogs", "Metro Last Light", "Fallout New Vegas" and "Xcom Enemy Within" all of which have been on my wish list for some time. A lot of the rest were impulse purchases which I may or may not get around to playing. Surprisingly the game of Christmas for me was definitely: "Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition" picked up for $5 from Amazon. This is despite the f

Dark Souls snippets from 2012

Was clearing out some old files on my computer and I found these Dark Souls snippets that I never uploaded for some reason. They capture the impact the game had on me so I think they are worth preserving and I am posting them now more than a year late. From December 2012 *Dark Souls has engulfed me like very few games have ever and yet I find it difficult to write about. It is not that there aren't stories it is just that they are all intensely personal stories about how I tried and failed and failed and failed again until eventually learned something and overcame some in game hurdle. In the absence  therefore of any coherent narrative let me share some random thoughts about the game. *Last night  the game went into a loop when trying to access my save file. The message flashing repeatedly on the screen said something like "Verifying save game. Do not quit the game or turn off your computer". I waited at least twenty minutes before hitting CTL ALT DEL and rebooting. As