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Dropbox arghhhhh you goofed.

The games of Christmas 2011

Has SWTOR Sold Out? Even on Origin?

Steam Christmas Achievement Whoring

If I were a despot: Part 1 - Controlling the Internet

To SWTOR or not to SWTOR

Mr Fixit or Mr. Breakit

DRM makes criminals of us all.

They are going to have to bring back farthings.

Wot I am playing

Portal 2 two screen coop on one PC.

Could my daughter be the new Felicia Day?

Portal 2 finished now on to split screen multiplayer

Fun Android Game: Defender

Is high end PVP all that different from high end PVE?

X3 Reunion update

X3 Reunion continuing adventures

X3: Reunion - for gamers who think Eve online is too casual.

Skyrim a runaway success. Hope for Humanity after all?

A little experiment in human behaviour

A hint for Homeworld 2

Homeworld 2

I hope I have as much to say when I am 86

Living in a house with paper walls. Thoughts on privacy in a connected world.

A lesson in usability from an octengenarian.

Restraining the nerd inside

Deus Ex Human Revolution. Random thoughts on finishing the game.


Lady Killers

Approaches to difficulty in puzzle games (Panda free zone)

Turbine predicts the day of my death.

Memoir 44 - Now it really is free to play

SpaceChem: Look why I made:

A different type of free to play: Memoir:44

A Guilty Confession about Leisure Suit Larry

SpaceChem: Are you a component miser or speed merchant.

The bundle keeps on giving: SpaceChem

Farewell Steve Jobs

News story from a bygone age

Humble Bundlers are even slicker than I thought

Torchlight versus Shadowgrounds: Fake versus Real Progression.

In which I am humbled by the bundle

In which nothing much is said for no reason other than it is Monday morning.

What happens if people stop buying $60 games

New Survey: The Average Age of Gamers is 106!

MW2 single player versus MW1