Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Games I have been playing: (Dawn of War 2 expansions, Ryse Son of Rome)

Dawn of War 2 expansion on campaigns: Chaos Rising and Retribution. I loved Dawn of War 2 and I love these expansions. DoW 3 has small squad RTS combat which is a particular favourite of mine. Chaos Rising is a whole new campaign with similar gameplay and a novel "morality" feature which impacts on the skills of your heroes, the gear they can equip and also has some story impacts. Retribution has a fairly short new campaign but you can play as any one of multiple races which gives a lot of replay. Retribution also changes the gameplay somewhat introducing resource gathering and troop recruitment as a supplement to your heroes. You can even choose to swap out heroes for squads of lesser troops which allows some variety in tactics.

Ryse Son of Rome: I got this from Humble Bundle in a sale because I love Roman History and it is supposed to be one of the prettiest games on PC. Sadly the game play has been widely criticised as boring and repetitive. I can certainly vouch for the beauty of the scenery and I haven;t played enough of the game yet for it to become too repetitive. I am a bit put out by the whole notion of a lone Roman Soldier leaping about and performing acrobatics like an action hero. Rome was all about troops fighting in close formation. The silly little shield you have is way too small for a proper Roman Scutum and why oh why does your character only slash with his gladius and never stab?

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