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Switching from Cable TV to Satellite

A recent price increase from our long time cable TV provided prompted me to bite the bullet and switch to satellite. It isn't a whole lot cheaper but the satellite service offers more channels and some better channels hat were not available from our old provider. Almost every channel we regularly watch is actually a free to air channels. This means that anyone with the appropriate equipment  can receive these for free along with hundreds of other channels without any recurring subscription. A disadvantage of living in Ireland is that we would need both antenna and satellite dish to receive all the relevant channels but a once off investment of perhaps €500 would ensure we could watch hundreds of channels for free without paying a subscription. Why on earth did I opt to pay €20 every  month (rising to €30 in a years time ) for a curated satellite service? Because we don't watch TV the way we used to. Instead of sitting down to watch scheduled programmes at the same time ev