Steam Forums - a good spot for debugging info.

A couple of times recently I had crashing problems with games bought on Steam and I was able to quickly find a solution on the Steam forums. They have sub-forums for all their games and if there is a known bug someone will generally post there with, hopefully, a solution.  No particular credit to Valve's support - all the useful info comes from customers but it is still very useful to have a one stop shop for debugging info.

My most recent issue concerned an annoying crash at the loading screen in Red Faction Guerilla. The game used to work for me but a recent patch did the damage. Thanks to this forum post   I am up and running again.

I bought RFG during the recent Steam sale. It took a back seat while I was working my way through Dragon Age but now that I have time to appreciate it I have to admit it has absolutely the best "blowing shit up" I have ever seen in a game.


Jayedub said…
RFG is one game I do want to get to sometime this year. I loved the first Red Faction a ton, I beat it on the PC and on the PS2 back in the day.
mbp said…
Jaye I do recommend the game despite my complaining post later. It is certainly worth having a go.

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