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New Eden Vacation #3: EVE Gate - The birthplace of EVE

Gazing upon the glowing inferno which is all that remains of the wormhole that used to link the universe of EVE to the rest of humanity I could not help but wonder if it was worth coming to see it at all. Yes EVE-gate in the system of New Eden is the birthplace of EVE. The link to the home world of humanity from whence the gameworld is supposed to have been populated many generations ago. Today however the system is a lifeless derelict. The wormhole itself remains unapproachably distant even if it does outshine the system's weak star. The most interesting thing to see are the cans left behind by many visitors to mark their own personal pilgrimage to this most sacred site in EVE. Several other pilgrims came while I was there and like thousands of others before them they set their MWDs to maximum and headed out to see how close they could get to the anomaly. Most give up after a few minutes. Some have persisted for hours. My scanner picked up one can 150,000km from the Starg

New Eden Vacation #2: The infinite patience of the suicide ganker

She waits in Balle tonight just as she waited last night and the night before. The Tornado she flies is one of the newest ships in New Eden. Its battle cruiser sized hull puts out as much damage over time as a full sized battleship but this pilot isn't interested in damage over time. All that matters is alpha. The overwhelming impact of that first broadside which will obliterate her chosen foe in the seconds before Concord appear out of thin air to vaporise her Tornado. I waited myself and watched her a while in the hopes of seeing this feared predator in action but she is a choosy hunter. In the six weeks since she started her hunt career she has only made seven kills. Each one a humble T1 industrial. Their contents were not so humble though. Total value of kills: 9.9 Billion isk. Total value of loot dropped: 4.1 Billion isk. Against this you must offset the loss of a 60 million isk Tornado for every kill. Net Earnings 4.1 Billion - 7x60 million =  3.6 Billion in six weeks.

New Eden Vacation #1: The mining colony

My great new Eden tour started a bit earlier than I expected with a visit to a busy mining colony in the Minmatar Region of Molden Heath. I wasn't deliberately sightseeing, it was just a test flight for my new travel fit cloaky Rifter. I figured an isolated asteroid belt would minimise the chance of something going wrong as I struggled with the unfamiliar modules. It was a pleasant surprise then to stumble across a thriving mining colony: there were hulks, retrievers and covetors all busily chewing away at the rocks as well as support ships. They had somehow even managed to organise an escort of Concord ships to watch over them as they mined. Sightseeing is all very well but I had work to do. I didn't think they would mind a single non-threatening frigate making a few trial passes around their asteroid belt. I was wrong. I don't think they were too bothered until I started playing with the cloak but as soon as I started disappearing and re-appearing they all upped

EVE: Mission (running) complete, time for a holiday in New Eden

One of my medium term goals in EVE is to take a cloaky ship and go exploring, to become an EVE tourist as it were. The ideal vessel for this is probably a covert ops ship like the Cheetah but while I am waiting for the appropriate skills to train I intend to see how far I can get in a cheap Tech1 frigate fitted with a cloak. No doubt I will lose shipa and pods as  I try to explore the more lawless regions. Ships and pods can be replaced but this  does raise some logistical questions. If you are podded you wake up back in a medical clone which is likely to be many systems further back. There are some npc stations even in the wilds of 0.0 so I could try to bring my clone with me as I travel but waking up in a dangerous spot far from home with only a rookie ship and no means of earning isk is not ideal either so I set about getting myself some jump clones. Jump clones are like extra bodies that you can magically transfer to (with a 24 hour cooldown). It seems to me that by strategi

EVE: Mission Learning curve

Its just over a week since I hesitantly ran my first level 4 missions and after completing about 25 of them over the intervening period I notice they have gone from dice with death warp out in flames experiences to pretty routine fair. I am not at the speed running stage but I can comfortably clear any mission in well under an hour without ever being in danger of losing a ship. How have the missions become so much easier for me? For the most part I am using exactly the same Maelstrom battleship set-up . The only material difference is that I have trained up Tech 2 drones which speeds up killing small annoying frigates but the real explanation is that I have "learned"how to use the ship properly in these missions and it has become second nature. Most of this learning is subconscious but I will try to summarise the main things I remember:  1. Artillery is a long range weapon - distance is the best way of keeping your targets angular velocity low enough so that you guns ca

In EVE no one can hear you scream (because it's downtime)

"You want me to deliver 8000m3 of gewgaws to the low security system of Ingunn, known hideout of murderers, thieves and other undesirables? You do realise that I will need to bring my industrial ship to fit all that junk? The big slow one with paper thin armour and a massive target symbol painted on the side. Have you considered that the miserable 175,0000 isk you are offering me for this mission won't even pay for a replacement clone following my inevitable podding in that cesspit." You need to run 16 regular missions to get an important storyline mission that, usually, offers better rewards and a significant increase in faction standings. So after 16 combat missions I get my first level 4 storyline mission:a crappy delivery mission to low sec. Random numbers suck sometimes. By every logical reason I should have declined this mission. Bringing a slow industrial into pirate infested low security space is just asking to come home in a pod and the standings loss I was

EVE: Reflection After Two Weeks

I am almost half way through the months sub I used to reactivate my EVE account. Time to reflect on where I have gotten to and where I am going. During those two weeks I unlocked level 4 missions for the first time and I have been running them successfully in a newly equipped battleship . I am still new enough to this that I need to pay attention and plan carefully for each one but I have about a dozen missions under my belt at this stage so I think it is safe to say "I can do it". Missions are a useful source of ISK income and at  the moment I am finding each new mission an entertaining diversion. I have little doubt  though that they will soon a repetitive chore. It is time to start thinking about my next goal within the EVE universe. Perhaps the most obvious goal would be to optimise mission running. While I can see missions themselves becoming tedious I still very much enjoy the meta game of ship and tactics design. The main difficulty with this is that I would requi

EVE: A serving of caldari raven with jam on top

I detest ECM. Last night I did a mission  Mordus folly which put me against a lot of missile spewing Caldari Ravens. I took me a while to break through their tough self healing shields but I managed to whittle them down one by one until it was just me and the undefended supply depot objective. That should have been easy except that two jamming cruisers spawned. Their little missiles didn't pose a threat but I couldn't target or use my guns while they perma jammed me like a tag team. I managed to get my drones to attack them but the drones were unable to take down a cruiser. I tried distance but I couldn't get far enough away to break the jam (even at 75km). My only option was an intensely frustrating 40 minutes of waiting for chance based gaps in jamming and trying to lock and fire a single volley before jamming started again. It worked evetually but it was extremely tedious given the likelihood that a cruisers shields would fully heal before I could get another shot of

EVE: LVL 4 Maelstrom

The Minmatar Maelstrom has bonuses to active shield tanking and large projectile weapons so it doesn't take much though to pick active shield tanking and large artillery cannons. For a pilot with limited skills however it can still be challenging to squeeze everything you need into the available power and CPU limitations while still maintaining reasonable capacitor life. Here is my current incarnation that works with the appropriate skills at mainly 3 or 4. [Maelstrom, Working LVL4 Maelstrom] Beta Reactor Control: Diagnostic System I Beta Reactor Control: Diagnostic System I Damage Control II Counterbalanced Weapon Mounts I Counterbalanced Weapon Mounts I 100MN Afterburner II Cap Recharger II Large Shield Booster II Shield Boost Amplifier II Invulnerability Field II Invulnerability Field II 1400mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP L 1400mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP L 1400mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP L 1400mm 'Scout' Artillery I, EMP L

EVE: A step by step guide to sorting loot for sale or reprocessing.

Last night I decided that something must be done about the ever accumulating pile of mission loot that was accumulating in my current home station. Most of the stuff is complete junk, worthless tech 1 modules that no-one wants to buy. Hidden in among the dross however are a few pearls, individual modules and components worth millions. Sorting the pearls from the dross is not an easy job sadly.  Anyway after some thought I eventually came up with a "method"which automates the job to some extent. It is not completely painless but it does speed things up considerably. Step 1: Invest in some Giant Secure containers. Give them helpful names and use them to do an initial sort of your stuff. I have Ammo, Fittings (stuff that I will probably use myself ), Tags and Loot. Sort the stuff you want to keep into the relevant containers and put all the stuff you want to convert into ISK into "loot". Giant secure containers really are one of the most useful things in EVE. Even

EVE: A good time to remember I forgot to insure my battleship

Marb Pelico has slipped into the well worn care-bear groove of running combat missions and this weekend he finally graduated to level 4. This is generally regarded as the highest level that is realistically solo-able and many players farm level 4 missions for loot and bounties. I am sure that mission farmers have the ships and skills to make these missions an exercise in boring repetition but for a new player (just 5 million skill points to date) they represents a new and fairly daunting challenge. A brief sortie in the hurricane that saw me though level 3's quickly convinced me that I needed bigger guns so I bought and outfitted my first battleship, a maelstrom. If I get a chance later I'll try to post the fitting but as usual in EVE it was a case of drooling over uber powerful setups that are well outside my level of skills and isk and then bastardising them down into something that I can actually fly. After several major compromises to my skill set and my wallet I ended

EVE Online: How to scam yourself

The identity of the evil scammer who thwarted my attempts to transfer cash ( last post ) is revealed. It was me! Thanks to Yazel and Stabs for explaining it to me. Apparently in EVE's market you will always buy from the cheapest seller but you can pay a higher price if you like. When I clicked on my multi million bullet I set the price to x millions but I still bought the bullet from the cheapest seller and he got my millions! Duh.... Feeling embarrassed now.

EVE - Did you forget what game you are playing?

EDIT This entire post is based on a false assumption. I assumed I had been scammed by a quick fingered market watcher but in fact it turns out I scammed myself! Thanks to Yazel and Stabs for explaining it to me in the comments. Details in next post. END of EDIT Oh how easy it is to fall into unthinking complacency. My EVE free trial bore fruit and convinced me to re-subscribe. Marb Pelico , Minmatar gentleman of the road is flying once more. My week's trial experience meant that I was already up to speed on the basic game interface but I had plenty of re-organising to do: collecting junk spread across several regions, planning ships and skills and re familiarising myself with alts (including a useful trader and a noob pilot bizarrely doing missions in 0.0 space ). A few days into this process I remembered that I had a few million isk on the trial account that would vanish into the exceedingly t Think air of space once the trial expired. Seemed a shame to let it go so

Eve Free Trial Nerfed by Noob Buffs

 A curious feature of EVE's new found helpfulness towards new players is that it means a trial player will hit the free trial glass ceiling much earlier than previously. After a week of moderate playtime (about twenty hours) I have already earned enough rep to unlock level 3 missions but free triallers cannot use level 3 agents. On the commercial front I am blocked because free triallers cannot pilot haulers. I haven't really tried the other professions but I imagine similar glass ceilings exist there too. I suppose I could continue to play around with my frigates and destroyer while skills train up but it feels too soon to hit a ceiling half way through a trial. Back in 2008 I enjoyed a three week free trial via STEAM and the slower rate of progress meant that I stuck with it for the full three weeks and turned into a subscriber. Now I feel I am at the decision point after only one week and I have to wonder if that is long enough to make the subscribe or abandon decision.