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Super ... Hot ....Super ...Hot ...Super ...Hot

I played a demo of Super Hot several years ago but I only got around to playing the full game recently. The full campaign took me just over four hours much of which was spent dying and restarting as I learned how to overcome each of the levels. There is an ongoing "endless" gameplay mode however for those who wish to keep playing. Superhot is a shooter with a simple twist that completely turns the gameplay on its head. When you stand still the game time slows to a trickle but whenever you move time moves.  You can rotate your vision while time is slowed but moving, attacking or even picking up a weapon allows time to flow normally. It is not like bullet time in other games because when you move at normal speed just like everyone else. You cannot move faster than a speeding bullet. You can however use the frozen moment of time to predict exactly where that bullet will travel and to try an ensure you aren't there. The main challenge of Super hot and its main learning cu

Humble Monthly 2017 review

Humble Monthly is generating a bit of press this month due to having CIV VI available at its lowest ever price. I have been a  subscriber since May 2016 so it is a good time to review my 2017 acquisitions from the Monthly.  January 2017: Extensively played Neon Chrome.   Dabbled in Jotun February 2017:Extensively played Steam World Heist. Dabbled in XCOM 2, Project Highrise March 2017: Extensively played Total War Warhammer April 2017: Extensively played Black Mesa.  Dabbled in The Witness June 2017: No monthly games played July 2017: No monthly games played August 2017: Extensively played Overcooked September 2017: No monthly games played October 2017: No monthly games played Nov 2017: Dabbled in The Elder Scrolls Online Dec 2017: No monthly games played.  This suggests a fairly good hit rate early on falling off entirely in the latter half of the year. The truth is that Total War Warhammer (which I got from the March Monthly) and its sequel (which was rele