Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Read if you want to be depressed

After reading a few posts about Call of Duty 4 I googled "cod4 aimbot". I wish I hadn't. Its not just the fact that these things exist that depresses me. It is the number of people who seem to be enthusiastic about using them.


Cap'n John said...
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Cap'n John said...

It's probably all the players suspecting their opponents of using aimbots who turn to aimbots themselves, which spawns even more people thinking they need aimbots to be competitive. Soon everyone is using an aimbot and nobody actually plays the game anymore.

I don't mind if the game corrects my aim to a certain degree but in some cases auto-aiming is a curse. Many years ago I was dueling a friend in a Doom2 level with a huge lava pool in the middle (I think it was one of the Boss levels). I was on one side, he was on the other, and I was shooting at him with the rocket launcher as he ran along. I was trying to lead him by aiming a little ahead but the auto-aiming corrected for me being slightly off, with the result that my rockets all hit behind him. But when I aimed far enough ahead so the auto-aim didn't kick in it was too much lead, and then my rockets exploded harmlessly in front of him. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

I just watched one of those aimbot movies and it didn't even look like the player was even aiming; he'd run around corners and fire and people would die, but I guess that's why people use aimbots. Although one then wonders what's the point of playing at all.

I seem to recall a recent GM item in WoW gained notoriety for being similar to that, where "using" it killed everyone within a certain radius with minimal effort required on the bearer's part.

* edit - I really need to proof my posts before hitting Publish ;)

mbp said...

But why? It's only a game. There is no special place in heaven for those who get a top spot on the high score table. If you have to cheat to get there then it is completely meaningless. All it does is mess up the game for other folks!.