Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I played a few rounds of Team Fortess 2 last night. I try to play on servers that cater for casual players so that I can more or less hold my own. Last night was a bit depressing though because my team was badly beaten in every match.

I was playing a scout and was surprised when one soldier on the opposing team killed me several times in a row with direct rocket hits. The scout has low hit points but is very fast and nimble. Hitting a moving scout with a slow moving rocket is difficult and certainly beyond my capabilities.

When I noticed the same soldier racking up kills all round I began to wonder if something fishy was going on and queried his apparent dead eye accuracy in team chat. The response was quick "OMFG hes a pro, did you see his tag?" The respondee went on to list a string of accomplishments and titles which meant nothing to me but apparently imply that the soldier was a top player with a top Team Fortess 2 Clan. I don't know why he was playing on a noob server but last night he certainly had me pwned.

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