Saturday, September 05, 2009

Phwoar look at the baskets on her

I have to go to the airport this morning to collect a young woman I haven't met before. Luckily she sent us a description. I will be looking out for someone with:

"Clear jeans,jacket black and bare baskets"

Umm ... can anybody translate please? She is french if that helps.

NB Mrs. mbp has registered a complaint that the the title of this post is objectionable. Apologies if I have offended anyone but I tried toning down the title and it isn't as funny.


DM Osbon said...

Whatever could she mean..?!

Photographic update would be nice ;)

Cap'n John said...

When speaking Mandarin and asking for a drink of cold water you actually ask for 'white water', so it's possible that clear jeans from French to English means white jeans...possibly.

I suspect any assistance on our behalf is too late for you now, but like DM Osbon I'm really interested in knowing exactly what the young lady was wearing when you picked her up.

mbp said...

I can't post pictures for fear of getting my blog censored.

No! Rest assured it all turned out quire proper in the end. We still haven't completely breached the language barrier but I can confirm that "clear jeans" look pretty much like ordinary blue jeans to me. "Jacket Black" is as expected a black jacket. "Baskets" are in fact suitcases but I still haven't figured out what was particularly bare about them.