Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The difference between men and women

While tucking in to a tasty lunch I spotted a gentleman on the threshold eyeing the dishes the restaurant had to offer. Greek cuisine is not particularly common in Ireland but the generous display of tasty meat and vegetable dishes certainly looked appetising. His eyes scanned hungrily from the buffet to the large sign proclaiming: "All You Can Eat".

He turned expectantly to his girlfriend who waited a few steps behind.

"But is is safe to eat?" She said.

He did not reply but with one last glance at the sign he turned and disconsolately followed her down the street.


Thallian said...

this is pure peotry ;)

Cap'n John said...

Huh? But? Wha? Is eat?
I don't get it? eat? It's Greek food! Of course it's safe to there a problem with contaminated food in Ireland?

That guy seriously needs to come back but w/o the girlfriend. Or dump her and get a more adventurous girlfriend who is open to new experiences.

mbp said...

As I and the other satidifed customers can attest Cap'n John the food was not alone safe to eat but very tasty too.

However I understand that poor gentleman's plight. When a member of the fairer sex decides that an item looks different or smells funny then no amount of masculine logic will ever prevail.