MMO - Let us grow old and die already

I wrote this in response to a post by Syp from Bio break about implementing Perma Death in an MMO. I like the idea so much I am copying my comment back here:

I would like perma-death for another reason. One of the things I like least about MMO’s is that there is no end of game. No matter how many dragons you kill there is always just one more dragon. Perma death would give you that ending even if it wouldn’t necessarily be the nicest way to finish a game.

How about making perma death inevitable just like it is in real life. After a certain level players begins to age and get weaker rather than stronger. You can decide yourself whether you want to retire to a tavern to live out your old age in peace or whether to go down in a blaze (literally) of glory fighting dragons to the last.

I actually think a mechanic like this would improve the game experience and enhance my enjoyment of the game. The biggest problem with it is that it probably wouldn’t enhance the developers profits because perma-death gives people an excuse to leave the game.

Perhaps if the game was good enough folks would be motivated to play a new character …?


Anton said…
I keep wanting to design a game where each player is encouraged to maintain 10 or so characters constantly, then the death of a few of them wouldn't be such a blow. You would play a family rather than a character.
Melf_Himself said…
@ mbp:

@ Anton:

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