Guild Wars: Don't miss your chance to get free extra storage.

Nice to see that Arena net are still adding new content to Guild Wars. Their fourth anniversary will see the release of new PVE and PVP content under the Zaishen Challenge label. From what I can make out there will be some form of daily quests involved. The new Zaishen menagerie seems to be a way to store and swap combat pets. I have never been into pets so I could be reading that wrong.

A couple of new rmt items also announced - pet unlocks and storage upgrades. I see rmt items in Guild Wars in a fairly positive light. The no subscription business model gives a huge amount of gaming for a small investment but if NCsoft have no way of getting additional revenues they are bound to lose interest in maintaining the game. Having a steady stream of income from people buying new characters slots and storage upgrades will hopefully entice them to keep the servers up and running smoothly. My only gripe about NCsofts implementation of micropayments is that they aren't really micro at all. Everything seems to cost around €10. I know that isn't a lot in the bigger scheme of things but given that the games are now heavily discounted and can be picked up for around €15 it seems excessive to lash out another €10 on just one extra storage slot.

Oh and did I mention that we will get a chance to get a free extra storage pane:

Free Storage Pane Giveaway

Lastly, to celebrate our anniversary, we have a limited-time offer where you can get a FREE pane of Xunlai Storage. Our upcoming promotion will be the ONLY way to get this special pane; it is extra, which means you can't buy it later. Keep an eye on the website and we'll explain how you can get this bonus storage.


Anton said…
10 Euros does sound expensive for a storage slot...I would think they could get more income from adding more expansions. Personally, I am interest in trying this game sometime. The one-time purchase plan sounds nice, and I'd love to try this classic MMO I've always heard about...

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