Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In which I abandon my profession and join Xfire

I just spotted that my Blogger profile used to claim I was an accountant. I'm not an accountant I am an engineer and I have no idea how that sneaked in there. Apologies for any confusion caused.

While we are on the subject of true confessions I have decided to open up my gaming habits to the world by joining Xfire. At first I hesitated because it is a kind of voluntary spyware but then I reasoned that plenty of folk who know more about these things than I do are using it. Xfire probably isn't going to turn around and use the data to empty my bank account or blackmail me. I am fairly impressed so far, its a small download and simple install that doesn't seem to hog much resources. It managed to identify all of the games on my hard drive even some more obscure titles and games buried in my Steam directory. I doubt I will be using the chat functionality much but I am quite looking forward to finally knowing how much time I spend playing various games.

I am showing my Xfire mini profile in the sidebar to replace the criminally neglected "currently playing" item. Unfortunately the mini profile only shows the most popular game played over the last week. You can click through for a more detailed listing but who is going to bother? If any one has a better Xfire widget that is compatible with Blogger then please let me know. The few Xfire widgets that listed by Blogger don't seem to work.


Crimson Starfire said...

I recently uninstalled Xfire off my computer because it was causing some of my older games to crash. Starcraft seems to have major issues with it.

The main reason I used it was to provide a chat client to my friends to reach me in-game. I can do all that with Steam now (and without the advertising), so Xfire got the flick.

mbp said...

I haven't had any crashing problems yet with Xfire but I'll keep an eye out for them. Steam does offer a lot of the functionality of Sfire, particularly now that you can include non steam games but the Steam client is a lot bigger than the Xfire client and seems slow in comparison.