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Guild Wars Dagger farming update. Hit me Several Times please.

I deserve it.

After wasting about 8 hours in a futile attempt at farming some decent daggers I decided to follow Melf's suggestion and just buy them.

But there was a problem ....

The trade channel which had always been so lively when I played Guild Wars a couple of years ago had gone deathly quiet. I went to the spots I remembered being busy before: Lion's Arch, Kamadan and Kaineng Centre. I made sure I was on the English-1 sever that was always the busiest one accessible to European players when I was playing before. Still nothing.

I almost gave up trying to buy anything. It seemed that the trade channels were dead. I guessed that a lot of players had moved on from the game.

Then I noticed that the drop down box to select your server (why doesn't every mmo have one?) now allows me to select American servers. No longer are European players restricted to European servers.

I tried America-1 and sure enough the trade channel started hopping. Within minutes I had bought ceremonial daggers and claws of the brood mother for 2k and 2.5k gold respectively.

4.5k Gold for two sets of green daggers. To put that in perspective I reckon I picked up about 20k worth of loot in my 8 hours of unsuccessful farming. I was a bit lucky to get a valuable black dye (worth 6k+) but even allowing for that it is clear that farming for green drops is a complete waste of time. Thank you Melf-Himself for putting me straight.


Thallian said…
grats, and I have no idea at all why we are locked onto servers in all games except guild wars. We already have cross server battlegrounds and all kinds of other things (instanced dungeons) breaking immersioon, why not just let people at it? oh well.
Melf_Himself said…
Being able to change server locations willy-nilly like that is a massive feature that I hope other games will follow (but they will probably still charge $20 for them, until Guild Wars 2 is released and brings them all to their knees with its unbridled awesomeness, mwahahaha, etc).



Green weapons aren't that valuable these days. The valuables at the moment seem to be Zaishen keys (for getting the Zaishen chest drops/emote), Globs of Ectoplasm (for making the ever-expensive Fissure armor), and inscribable max damage gold items with decent looking skins. Anything else is usually small change, which is just the way I like it!

Thankfully I PvP exclusively when I play, so I always have an abundance of Zaishen keys = cash to buy my girlfriend the pretty armors she desires :o

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