Welcome back to Lotro

Despite the almost invisible launch of MoM it seems that a bit of a "return to Lotro" trend has started. Quite a few of my fellow bloggers (including Tipa, Wilhelm2451, Melmoth, Thalian, Khan, Scott, Sente and Van Hemlock)are playing and blogging about the game again. I expect that this surge of enthusiasm will pass as such things ususally do. Some of those who got bored before will get bored again and leave but some will hopefully stay to savour all the new content that Turbine has added since launch time.

I don't want to say too much about this. These are all articulate folks and are well able to write for themselve. What I will say is: Welcome back.


Anonymous said…
I love that they are, but then I'm a bit biased because I just started playing a week before Christmas and always enjoy reading about other people's experiences in Middle Earth. :)
mbp said…
Hello Malika, thank you for reminding me that as well as welcoming back those who are returning to the game I should give a very big welcome to newcomers also.
Thallian said…
Welcome :) I hope they stay long enough to see the new Lothlorien being added in a few weeks. But regardless, I imagine this will happen next year, and the year after that when big swaths of content are added.

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