Dead Space - Creepy Spaceships.

Now this is more like it ... Dead Space: A creepy spaceship populated by nameless monstrosities who have infested the crew and converted them into shambling horrors. This game reminds me of Doom, Unreal System Shock 2 ane even Half Life. These were the titles I cut my gaming teeth on and in some ways playing Dead Space feels like coming home for me.

Neither the concept nor the plot are very original but I feel at home in this space horror setting and I am really enjoying it so far. I have seen criticism of the mouse control scheme for the PC version but I have gotten used to it. In a third person game aiming and shooting will never feel as intuitive and smooth as a first person shooter but it hasn't hampered my enjoyment so far.

The game even has a limited upgrade system, not as sophisticated as that in the System Shock games but enough to add a bit of choice as to how you play the game. Ammo and health packs are fairly limited even on "normal" difficulty setting so you do need to think about your tactics and where best to spend your upgrades.

The graphics and sound are great (hurray the game even has surround sound support) and the creepy ambiance is very well done. I am only three chapters in so far but if it keeps up like this I will be well pleased.


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