Lotro: Gearing up for end game

Throg has crept up to level 59 and with the XP bar to 60 filling up fast I thought it was time to take stock of his current gear and stats to make sure he doesn't disgrace himself in the end game dungeons. Most of the stuff he is wearing comes from mid 50's level quest rewards and is a bit below par for end game.

For starters there was his legendary axe. I had been lucky enough to get a near perfect level 55 Third age axe with golden fervour bonus, golden aoe damage bonus, golden rend pulses, silver extend on defeat conditions plus a few other nice things. I cannot imagine a better set of legacies so I held on to the axe for a long time. Unfortunately it is impossible to squeeze more than 38DPS out of a level 55 axe so with a tear in my eye it had to go. I replaced it with a so so level 59 axe that has a golden fervour bonus and not much else. I used my accumulated store of weapon XP relics to quickly boost it up to 44dps, quite an upgrade from the level 55.

From what I can see decent level 60 Champions seem to have morale over 5000 with Might and Vitality both around 450. At level 59 Throg has just over 4,600 morale, might around 420 and vitality around 410. Not brilliant but a reasonable platform I think on which to start building.

Throg's armour mitigation against common damage is only 32% and I remember being over 40% at level 60 which suggests he needs to upgrade his armour level quite a bit. Happily I already have 5 out of six pieces of a level 60 armour set (the Axe-Master set). A friendly kin mate gave him boots and gloves while he managed to pick up the helmet, shoulders and trousers cheaply on the auction house. Helmet and boots are equipable already but he will need to hit 60 to wear the rest. The set bonuses aren't terrific (+will on a Champion set?) but they will give a good upgrade over he random collection of parts he is currently wearing.

Jewellery and pocket items are ususally harder to acquire. Throg currently has a "survivalist set" of ear ring, bracelet and ring which give nice resist bonuses and an ear ring he got as a rep reward from the miners. He is still useing the phial of swirling waters pocket item though, a level 60 teal item - surely that can be replaced soon.

After that I guess there are traits to consider. I haven't worked on any virtues since the new expansion came out. Moria didn't raise the level cap on virtues above the old limit of 10 so the ones I previously raised to 8 or 9 are still OKish but could be upgraded. I may even need to swap out some altogether because I loaded up on shadow protection for Angmar but shadow resist is not much used in Moria.


Anonymous said…
I'm about at the point where I need to start getting a decent end-game gear set together as well. Other than the boots and gloves, I'm still wearing my Rift armor at level 58. Ha!

And I know what you mean about the LI system. I just changed over to the 57+ items and now I'm getting closer to the 59+ tier. *sigh* And I really liked my dagger of stabby doom.
mbp said…
Hi Khan, I never got a full rift set but I didn't realise it had such longevity. Are you doing the book quests? As usual they give good rewards.
Anonymous said…
I took stock again and I've actually replaced the gloves, boots and head pieces of the Rift set. The chest and legs are all that's left (I never did get the shoulders).

I have been doing the books though I've lagged behind a bit. I don't recall the book I'm on ... 2.4.x or something like that. Those offered great rewards so I should probably get caught up again.

If you do have a chance to get the Rift set, I'd recommend it for the looks. There's a couple cool-looking pieces in there for each class. The new Moria set looks too much like hip-hop clothing to me. Especially the pants / kilt thing. I'm already annoying my poor kinship mates with my "MC Hobbit" impression. (Don't feel too bad for them though - as one of the few hobbits, I get a lot of short jokes coming my way.) :)

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