Subscribing to blog comments + a request for help

Thank you DM Osbon for bringing my attention to the "notify me of comments via email" feature of Wordpress. If like me you sometimes lose track of the comments you leave on other folks blogs then this feature is a godsend. I checked the blogs on my daily reading list and most don't seem to have this feature. Perhaps it needs to be enabled, if so then please do it for your own blog.

I use blogger and it seems that blogger also has a "subscribe to comments" function but I can't find how to enable it. I notice that Tobold's blog has a "suscribe via email" button on the comments page and I know he uses blogger but I cannot find a way to enable the same button for my blog. Perhaps it is there but I can't see it because the blog is my own ans I am automatically subscribed anyway? If this is the case then please let me know. If not but if you know how to enable it then please let me know how to do it.

Edit: I have just spotted the "Subscribe to comments (atom)" button on my blog but I don't think this is what I want. This seems to subscribe to all comments on the blog, not just the comments on one post.

Edit #2: Duh ... perhaps the subscribe to comments (atom) button does subscribe to just one post only but it doesn't seem to do it via email. I just got confused. Help please.


I'm not sure if it's possible to subscribe to the comments of a specific post in blogger. I know you can subscribe to all comments, but it sounds like you already have that working. I've heard of addons for Blogger but haven't really looked into it that much. You might have to do some googling (me = no help what so ever).
mbp said…
Hi Crimson, I checked Tobold's blog again and when I am logged into Blogger I get a "suscribe via email" link at the bottom of his comments. I clicked it as an experiment, If my inbox fills up with hundreds of comments from all his posts then I will know it isn't what I want :)
Anonymous said…
This feature for users is new, so I suspect you can have it activated if you host your own blog on either wordpress or blogger.

Will be interesting to see how often I use it!

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