Lotro: Unrequited Dwarf Lust

Ever since finding a distinctly feminine axe in the remains of Balin's Camp Throg has been asking every adventurer he meets if they know of the whereabouts of the dwarven womenfolk. His search took him to the 21st hall and on to Orc Watch in the Redhorne lodes. From there a lead sent him deep into the lodes where he finally stumbled upon a tunnel infested with crawling insects. Hidden at the end of that tunnel Throg came across the door to a chamber that could only be the fabled hideout of dwarven femininty.

Imagine first the excitement mingled with trepidation of our randy hero as he turned the delicately gilded handle and pushed open the door to that chamber.

Imagine then his utter dissapointment on discovering that the womenfolk had fled and that the chamber itself was now infested with crawlers.

In a fit of frustrated rage he slaughtered every bug and sliced open the maggots cradled in what had once been dwarven creches.

Throg says he has gotten over it. After all a sharp axe is a more useful companion in a brawl than any woman he says. I am not so sure he is as over it as he says. There is a certain sword with a delicately feminine curve that he took from the chamber. I have seen him take it out from time to time to gaze at it with a far away look in his eye.


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