Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Throg's Lotro Journal 8th May 2007: Questing in the Lone Lands

Throg has relocated to the lone lands and the Forsaken inn has proven to be a useful base as well as comfortable watering hole. In Bree Land you cannot turn a corner without tripping over some would be hero but adventurers are thinner on the ground in the Lone lands. Throg's services are much in demand. For the moment his commissions are fairly routine - killing beasts and dealing with troublesome goblins and orcs. Our noble dwarf hopes that once he has proven his ability to the good folks of the lands they will send him on more challenging (and more lucrative) missions.

Truth be told Throg feels far more at home in the lonely mountainous wilds of the Lone lands than ever he felt in the lush territory of Bree. The barren mountain slopes remind him of his beloved Ered Luin - all that is missing is a fall of snow. Indded snow would be a welcome change from the heat. Nevertheless Throg is prepared to put up with a little warmth in exchange for some peace and quiet. Something that was in versy short supply in the crowded lands of Bree.

Our brave adventurer has not been remiss in practising his skills, he has attained the 20th level of accomplishment as a champion, has learned to wear heavy armour and learned to fire a bow. Although he has ample strength to draw a bowstring his eye is somewhat lacking - Elven archers have nothing to fear from this dwarf's marksmanship but nevertheless the ability to hit a target from a distance should prove useful on occasion.

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