Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lotro /Played

6 days 7 hours 19 minutes and 26 seconds.

151 hours in 51 days since the start of the pre-order game. That averages out at almost exactly 3 hours per day. That is on the high side of my own estimate but you can't argue with the game clock or can you

(In case that link is dead it is a post on the lotro europe forums where a player got 136 years from the /played command).

In my case I think the number is correct but in my defence I will point out that I am in the habit of staying logged in while I go off and do other stuff. This could explain some of those extra hours but not many because the game does auto log off after a while.

Twenty hours a week wouldn't get me into a hard core raiding guild but is still a hell of a lot of time for an adult with job and family. We are taking a long summer holiday in about a months time and I will be without a computer for about six weeks. I am sure I will miss gaming but I am very much anticipating the break.

I have been fairly remiss in posting Throg's stories of late but the truth is I am finding it harder to come up with stuff to write about. He has just dinged level 30 and is continuing his adventures in the North Downs. Most of the quests he is doing at the moment are of solo "kill ten wargs" variety so they don't inspire great writing. My quest log is filling up with fellowship quests but I am just not getting focussed enough to go looking for groups and the vernable Pog Mo Thoin Kinship is pretty quiet recently. Anyway here is a nice screen shot of Throg with one of the gentle giants of Kingsfell . These hoar-mantles are elite Aurochs but luckily most of them don't attack.

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