Sunday, May 06, 2007

Throg's Lotro Journal 6 May 2007: Rush Hour in the Barrow Downs

Well there is certainly no shortage of adventurers in Bree Land. When Throg set out with a party of fellow braves to rescue the young hobbit girl Lalia he little expected that they would find themselves in a veritable queue of fellowships all rushing to rescue the fair maid. Lalia had wandered into the wight infested Barrow downs following some fanciful tale of a long dead prince. I can assure you that the wights who wished to feast on her tender flesh had no chance against the almighty mob of adventurers who escorted the young lady off the downs. Truth be told she was more at risk from the flailing swords and axes and harps of her rescuers. Those who arrived late for the event were somewhat disgruntled that they had missed their chance for fame and glory but the young hobbitess proved herself a good sport. Immediately following our rescue I noticed her sneaking back to the downs to allow yet another party believe that they were in fact her deliverers.

With such a surfeit of would be heroes in Bree Land it is clear that Throg must move on to wilder parts to continue his adventures. The pursuit of Skorgrim and the Witch King he follows continues and the trail points towards the Lone Lands. Following the defeat of the Wight Lord in the caves of Othrongroth Throg has been commissioned by no less a personage than Gandalf the Grey to fight the corruption they have wrought there.

Do not think that a hero's life is all questing and combat. Even a hero must rest once in a while and after a long trek to the Low Lands our Dwarf Champion enjoyed some fine ale and convivial company in the curiously named Forsaken Inn.

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