Friday, May 04, 2007

Lotro maps and help sites

Using maps and help sites does feel like cheating so I generallly try to find stuff out for myself in game first but there are times when a good map or a quest database is an essential aid to enjoying a game. Lotro is a new game so the help sites are only getting off the ground but there are already some very nice sites out there. Here are some of my favourites.

Sooner or later someone is bound to come out with an interactive map for a new MMORPG and th efolks over at Middle Earth Headquarters have produced an absolute humdinger. Their maps are based on the game maps and they have a filter tool and a drop down search tool to allow you to find anything you need. Combine this with the hand drawn maps regions that are not mapped in the game from The Brasse and you need never get lost again.

The Brasse has a lovely humorous style and they have a nice quest database as well. The quest information is very good but not very well indexed. I like my quest databases to be indexed in various ways (ie all quest in a region or all quests in a chain and so on). Lotro wiki is showing signs of doing a very good job of this but is still very incomplete. I think that this wiki has the potential to be a really good help site but it needs more contributors. Warcry network have large collection of set of lotro databases (quests npcs items skills and so on. The quest database is still far from complete but they have quite good search facilities. On the down side I find the in your face presentation style of warcry to be very unpleasant to use. Allakazam have a lotro site that I find just awful. The site itself is unpleasant and quest entries appear to be just copied from in game text. The only reason I mention it is because its database seems a little more complete that some of the other sources. MMODB also have a very comprehensive database but it gives even less infromation than Allakazam. At least its visual style is not as offensive.

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