Friday, May 04, 2007

Throg's Lotro Jounal 4 May 2007: Further Adventures in Bree-Land

Our aspiring hero has spent much time in the the old forest south of Buckland. To be sure it a dark, tangled place full of dangers.

Venturing deep into the forest in the company of an able fellowship Throg found and destroyed the evil spirit behind the corruprion of the forest oaks [The Haunted Forest]. Unfortunately the trees which the spirit had animated with evil intent still wander the depths of the woods. The fellowship set out then to cull their number earning for themselves the admiration of the good folk of Bree who titled party members "The Root Hewers".

While following the trail of the traitorous dwarf Skorgrim Throg has found himself working with the enigmatic ranger called Strider. Throg does not yet understand all of Strider's motives but it is clear that he and the great wizard Gandalf are concerned about some great evil. Apparently even hobbits have got caught up in this tale which seems odd. Throg cannot imagine a gentle hobbit standing up to the dreadful creatures of darkness called Nazghul that seem to be co-ordinating this particular evil. Without fully comprehending what is going on Throg tries to play his part. It seems that the next stage of this particular adventure will take him to the Barrow Downs in the company of the peculiar gentleman Tom Bombadil. Tom speaks in riddle and rhyme and in truth is not much to look at. He appears to have some power over the creatures of the forest though and Throg is sure that there is more to this happy go lucky gentleman than meets the eye.

Increasingly our good dwarf finds that the tasks he is being asked to undertake are too difficult for an adventurer acting alone. Oft-times it is possible to team up with an ad-hoc group to accomplish these objectives but Throg feels that the time has come to take up with a more stable group of partners. Many groups of adventurers in Eriador are calling for new bravos to muster under their particular banner of kinship but following a chance encounter on the Barrow Downs Throg has decided to throw his lot in with a muckle kinship of fellows going by the name of "Pog Mo Thoin". Being unfamiliar with the phrase Thog asked what it meant to be told that these are ancient Hibernic words of power. Will this ancient invoctaion bring good fortune or will the presumption of using it call forth the wrath of the fates. Who knows? Only time will tell.

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