Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lotro Patch Day - And no unexpected down time.

Yesterday was Lotro Europe Patch day. Almost every previous patch day has resulted in extended downtime so I didn't expect that Throg would go adventuring last night. I was pleasantly surprised therefore when I managed to log in at 7pm (GMT) for an evening of trouble free gaming. Well done Code masters - it looks like you are finally getting your act together on the Lotro front.

The Patch notes are here. To be honest the only thing that caught my attention is something which hasn't been fixed. It is under Known Issues:

"When in a fellowship, you may not receive credit for the completion of an instance quest unless you yourself speak to the NPC which starts the instance. In light of this, when fellowships plan to run an instanced quest, members who wish to receive credit for the quest should not use the "Travel Now" option. Players should decline this option and instead, speak to the NPC themselves to enter the instance and join their fellows. A change to the Travel Now dialog box will be made in a future patch to help clear up any confusion."

I have experienced this bug way back during Rescue by Moonlight and it is pretty frustrating to complete an instance and not get credit for it. The bottom line is Do Not Use The Travel Now Option when going to an instance. Always talk to the quest giver yourself.

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Sean said...

Aha, that explains it, wasn't sure, but I thought that might have been why, seems like the turbine and codemasters versions are almost identical when it comes to that.