Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Eden Vacation #1: The mining colony

My great new Eden tour started a bit earlier than I expected with a visit to a busy mining colony in the Minmatar Region of Molden Heath. I wasn't deliberately sightseeing, it was just a test flight for my new travel fit cloaky Rifter. I figured an isolated asteroid belt would minimise the chance of something going wrong as I struggled with the unfamiliar modules.

It was a pleasant surprise then to stumble across a thriving mining colony: there were hulks, retrievers and covetors all busily chewing away at the rocks as well as support ships. They had somehow even managed to organise an escort of Concord ships to watch over them as they mined.

Sightseeing is all very well but I had work to do. I didn't think they would mind a single non-threatening frigate making a few trial passes around their asteroid belt.

I was wrong.

I don't think they were too bothered until I started playing with the cloak but as soon as I started disappearing and re-appearing they all upped and flew away. Fear me!


Gankalicious said...

Good ole Eve paranoia where you can grief just by being present.

mbp said...

I am not a grieferby nature Gank but I have to admit I did get a little rush of blood to my head when I realised the power I now wielded to play psychological games with people.