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EVE: A serving of caldari raven with jam on top

I detest ECM. Last night I did a mission  Mordus folly which put me against a lot of missile spewing Caldari Ravens. I took me a while to break through their tough self healing shields but I managed to whittle them down one by one until it was just me and the undefended supply depot objective.

That should have been easy except that two jamming cruisers spawned. Their little missiles didn't pose a threat but I couldn't target or use my guns while they perma jammed me like a tag team. I managed to get my drones to attack them but the drones were unable to take down a cruiser. I tried distance but I couldn't get far enough away to break the jam (even at 75km). My only option was an intensely frustrating 40 minutes of waiting for chance based gaps in jamming and trying to lock and fire a single volley before jamming started again. It worked evetually but it was extremely tedious given the likelihood that a cruisers shields would fully heal before I could get another shot off. 

I guess I should be grateful that these jammers didn't spawn while all the battlesehips were still around or else I might never have been able to complete the mission. The write up on Eve Survival suggests that they might spawn while another wave is still alive but I think that report is a bit out of date.

I believe Minmatar ships have weak sensors and are particularly sensitive to jamming so I am going to have to think seriously about this for future jammy missions. Perhaps Ishould train electronic counter counter measures ((ECCM). Apparently this usedn't to work in missions but does now.

A browse through forum posts indicates that pvp players have long been complaining about ECM being overpowered especially in small gang warfare. I don't know enough about the subject to comment but this suggestion seems to be favouably regarded by commenters.


Anonymous said…
That's more extreme jamming than I would expect. I haven't actually played Eve in a while though.

The Maelstrom is okay on the sensor strength side of things, clocking in at 21. It's comparable to the Raven, 22, which would be considered the benchmark for PVE against Caldari/Guristas/Mordus.

I've used a Vargur with only 11 strength without too much hassle but that wasn't in missions, just ratting belts and cosmos stuff. I last did this about a year ago. I think the new changes to PVE ECM had kicked in at that stage but it was only a one month sub so maybe I'd just got lucky and didn't get hit hard.

Certainly give ECCM a shot though.

ECM in PVP is not that great. It really does fail quite a lot. And as has been pointed out heaps, those that deploy it are putting all their eggs in one basket. It better damn well work some times.

Don't worry, it's been nerf'd plenty in the distant past already.

Anonymous said…
PS: My Vargur ops were in Caldari cosmos space - Okkelen - in particular the system of Otomainen. So, jamming did occur.
mbp said…
Reading the comments on Eve Survival no one else seemed to have as much trouble with jamming in this mission. Perhaps I was extremely unlucky (although bad luck hardly persisted for 40 minutes). I wonder if they changed something in a recent patch that affected it. Essentially the two cruisers were constantly trying to jam me for 20 seconds at a time. By the time one wore off more often than not the second cut in. It got a lot easier once the first cruiser was dead but the jamming was still extremly persistent.

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