Saturday, March 03, 2012

Eve Free Trial Nerfed by Noob Buffs

 A curious feature of EVE's new found helpfulness towards new players is that it means a trial player will hit the free trial glass ceiling much earlier than previously. After a week of moderate playtime (about twenty hours) I have already earned enough rep to unlock level 3 missions but free triallers cannot use level 3 agents. On the commercial front I am blocked because free triallers cannot pilot haulers. I haven't really tried the other professions but I imagine similar glass ceilings exist there too.

I suppose I could continue to play around with my frigates and destroyer while skills train up but it feels too soon to hit a ceiling half way through a trial. Back in 2008 I enjoyed a three week free trial via STEAM and the slower rate of progress meant that I stuck with it for the full three weeks and turned into a subscriber. Now I feel I am at the decision point after only one week and I have to wonder if that is long enough to make the subscribe or abandon decision.

I am pretty sure I am going to re-subscribe myself but I still face a dilemma: Which account do I activate? My account from 2008 which has a Minmatar pilot with about six months of skill training on it or my new Gallente pilot I have become quite fond of during this one week trial?


Stabs said...

What I did when I realised I liked Eve was make an industrial character and a combat character. I concentrated on the industrial character and it paid for the two accounts. Since then my stable has grown a bit.

I started out putting regionwide buy orders for the stuff that you get in the five tutorial mission series. I figured that new players would constantly be doing these missions and whatever they couldn't immediately use they'd sell at any price offered. I picked up a lot of skill books and +1 implants for 20 isk, flew around the region collecting them all, then sold them at Jita.

Once you hit a certain wealth you can do trading. Buy bullets or something that have a cheap Buy price and a much higher sell price. For example if the bullet can be bought on Buy Orders for 6.00 and sold at 20.00 that's ideal. No expert traders compete with you because it's too small for us but you can get off to a flying start.

I'm now at the point where Eve ticks over. I make profit if I pay attention to it, I make profit if I ignore it. All accounts are paid for by routine activities. I do log on and do PI but I rather enjoy that.

mbp said...

I did start a trading alt back when I was playing Eve but I got tired of it after about a week. I never got close to paying for my own account though. By the way your strategy of buying newbie stuff is exactly what Gevlon Goblin is doing.

Stabs said...

yes I know.

Gevlon seems to be enjoying himself a great deal and doing well. I'm sure he'll get to the state I'm at where Eve is always around as a secondary game and pays for its own costs with minimal input.

If you don't want to trade try to get into a nullsec corp. They will usually let you salvage when they rat or do anomalies. If you don't mind taking risks you can smuggle stuff in and out with a noob-cloaked badger while waiting to be able to jump into a proper ratting ship like a Drake or a Hurricane.