Thursday, March 08, 2012

EVE Online: How to scam yourself

The identity of the evil scammer who thwarted my attempts to transfer cash (last post) is revealed. It was me!

Thanks to Yazel and Stabs for explaining it to me. Apparently in EVE's market you will always buy from the cheapest seller but you can pay a higher price if you like. When I clicked on my multi million bullet I set the price to x millions but I still bought the bullet from the cheapest seller and he got my millions!


Feeling embarrassed now.


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

Yeah, it took me a while to work out how that aspect of the market functioned. On the other hand, I have made a lot of bonus cash being the lowest priced seller and having people just buy from somebody else at a higher price.

Cap'n John said...

That's an extremely odd method of conducting business.

Player One offers to sell a Woozle for 100,000 ISK, and Player Two thinks that's a fair price and hands over the 100,000 ISK.
But instead of Player Two buying the Woozle from Player One he actually gets it from Player Three who had a Woozle listed for 5,000 ISK.
And instead of paying Player Three's price of 5,000 ISK, Player Two actually pays Player One's price of 100,000 ISK.

Very strange.

Ardent Defender said...

As a full time Market Trader in EVE all i'll say is "Pay Attention" to what your doing before you click to both Buy or Sell anything until your fully versed in knowing really what your doing and even then you still pay attention to what your doing. A misclick can cost you allot and make many like me a fortune :)

People like me just doing regular legit market transactions make quite a bit of ISK from others who just didn't pay attention to what they were doing. At times I look at my transaction log for market trades and try to figure out exactly why someone paid me double price what i clearly know the exact price of the priced item was. I often do market analysis on what sells, where and why as well why someone overpaid. Sure enough someone had clicked to buy someone else item at a much higher price but because i was lowest on price i got the benefit of both the sale and at a higher profit margin. Thats how the market works, the lowest priced item in that specific system station always sell first no matter what. That happens all the time and as well i've benefited from other peoples intended scam on the same item i was selling just normally because someone clicked on their ultra high priced item but it triggered my sale and i got the best of both worlds.

I remember some time ago i was selling Missile Blueprints in Amarr for just over a Million and someone on this particular day had paid me over a Billion for the same Blueprint. Doing some post analysis on sale i was intrigued exactly how did that happen. Well someone else had a existing sell order for some time for some ridiculous price in the billions and someone else not paying attention happen to click on theirs to buy and triggered the sale of the same item I was also selling in the "same station". Well i had the lower price and well i got both the sale and the over price they paid and was glad they had the money in their wallet to complete the transaction. Stuff like that happen many a times.

The ins and out of the market trading system are many and too much to explain. I wouldn't even try to start explaining. Just pay attention to what your doing when using the market.

In many other MMO's little careless mistakes don't have much consequences for not paying attention to detail, In EVE that inability to pay attention to those little details can cost anyone allot. One the many reason i love EVE vs allot of other MMO's.

mbp said...

Hi Ardent. I probably won't go heavily into market trading but I don't want to be clueless either. I must part more attention in future.

Stabs said...

There's nothing to feel embarassed about, it's completely counter-intuitive.

It is probably designed exactly to stop people doing what you were trying to do. They don't want people running successive buddy keys to run 2 accounts while only paying for one so they limit alts.

Here's how I transfer. I make a safe spot in a newbie system with a School. Fly there with my main in a frigate. My alt goes to the school and spends all its money on skill books. Fleets with the main, warps to him and jettisons the skill books. Main grabs them, flies to Jita and sells them, usually at a markup over the price paid.

mbp said...

Hi Stabs

I managed to use the safe spot method to transfer most of my my free triallers stuff to my main. Even though all the cash was gone it is still about 10 million isk worth of stuff. CCP showers noobies with gifts these days.

Thanks again and thanks for the generous in game gift. See you in space sometime.