Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EVE: Mission (running) complete, time for a holiday in New Eden

One of my medium term goals in EVE is to take a cloaky ship and go exploring, to become an EVE tourist as it were. The ideal vessel for this is probably a covert ops ship like the Cheetah but while I am waiting for the appropriate skills to train I intend to see how far I can get in a cheap Tech1 frigate fitted with a cloak.

No doubt I will lose shipa and pods as  I try to explore the more lawless regions. Ships and pods can be replaced but this  does raise some logistical questions. If you are podded you wake up back in a medical clone which is likely to be many systems further back. There are some npc stations even in the wilds of 0.0 so I could try to bring my clone with me as I travel but waking up in a dangerous spot far from home with only a rookie ship and no means of earning isk is not ideal either so I set about getting myself some jump clones.

Jump clones are like extra bodies that you can magically transfer to (with a 24 hour cooldown). It seems to me that by strategically placing a few jump clones in stations along the way I can create instant warp points should I ever find myself stuck.  As a minimum I will leave a jump clone in my high sec mission hub so I can come back and earn some isk should the need ever arise. I will also feel a lot more comfortable moving my medical clone around knowing that I always have a body available in a nice safe high security system to jump to.

Jump clones are very cheap (100k isk) but corporations will only sell them to you if you have a high standing of 8.0 (out of 10.0) with them. There are friendly groups who will help players get around this limitation but I needed to train up some cloaking skills and earn some isk before setting off so I was happy to spend the last week and a half running missions to bring my standing up to 8.0 with one corporation. I reached that goal last night and bought my first jump clone. My wallet is adequate for the moment and I have bought and kitted out a cloaky Rifter.

Mission (running)complete, the great New Eden package tour begins.

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