Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rock Paper Shotgun in Hell

Solium Infernum is the kind of game I would love to be able to play but for various reasons probably never will. Apart from the logistical difficulties of getting a group of people to play with is the fact that I am not particularly competitive. I am more likely to wilt than thrive under the stress of competitive multi-player games so it is great to be able to read about others multiplayer exploits.

Just in case anybody missed it the folk at Rock Paper Shotgun are giving a serialised account of a recent game of Solium Infernum the turn based strategy game set in Hell. With linked blogs describing the unfolding perfidy from multiple points of view this is easily the best game walk through I have every read. Solium is a deep multi-layered game and the ongoing insights into the players minds as they learn the complexities game and develop ever more fiendish plans is totally gripping.

PS: Vic Davis the creator of the game is offering a one week only discount to Rock Paper Shotgun readers . Scan the comments section of the last episode for the discount code but for heaven's sake read the saga first so you don't get any spoilers. 

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