Dragon Age - Dealing with those pesky gifts

I have been pretty good at cleaning junk out of my bags in Dragon Age but even still I am struggling for inventory space. One major bugbear is gifts. These are items that can be given to your companions that will improve their disposition towards you. This in turn ensures that they will hang around even if you make some decisions they disagree with and if you get the disposition high enough they will even get a few extra skills. Unfortunately not all gifts are equal. A gift that givs a +10 rating with one character may only give +1 to another. Some gifts even start plot threads if given to the right character. Once I realised this I became very cautious about giving gifts, instead hoarding them till I got a few minutes to sit down and try and figure out which character would prefer which gift. Of course I never got around to this and my bags were filling up with these gifts.

I guess if you are interested in the character background stories then you can figure out who is most likely to want what. For example religious icons will always be appreciated by the most pious character. If you are not that interested however that sounds like a very tedious process so I finally gave in and broke my rule about consulting help sites. Dragon Age Wiki's page about gifts really does tell you everything you need to know about who to give what gift to. Best of all you can read this page without really spoiling anything else in the plot. Needless to say the wiki also has a tonne of information about everything  in the game which I really don't want to know yet. Decide for yourself how deep you want to delve and please don't blame me if you cant resist the spoilers.


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