Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A great idea for hard core PVP games

I must be in a very funny mood this afternoon because for some reason this seems like a good idea to me:

How about if you manage to kill another player then you get to write a custom label which appears over their head for a fixed period of time. That is a fixed period of in game wandering around time so no logging off or afk hiding to wait out the timer. Needless to say the labels cannot be turned off by the ganked player.

So after a defeat "Conan the Magnificent" becomes "Conan is a big Sissy" or more probably "Conan is a %$$%% @%%&&"

I think its brilliant.

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Thallian said...

genius! Player created content that means something! and impact pvp. Another idea: How bout you get to carry his guild's tabard torn and tied to a flag pole or something incendiary like that. Maybe fly torn guild flags on your guild's fortress for each one you slay that last for a certain amount of time?