Dragon Age: 114 hours and counting

The 114 hours X-fire is currently recording for my play-time in Dragon Age is misleading because I have a habit of leaving the game running while I go off and do other things but the fact remains that this is a long game. Perhaps a bit too long for my liking. I like finishing games and this is a game I started on Christmas day intending to finish over the holiday period. No chance. The holidays are long over and I still haven't convinced the dwarves to support my cause before I head off to the Landsmeet.

If I were to make one change to the game it would be to eliminate most of the random encounters. Any time you journey from A to B you are more likely than not to be ambushed by a band of robbers, wolves assassins or something else out for your blood. These can be challenging fights particularly in the beginning of the game when your party is not yet optimised. On more than one occasion I returned to base to heal up and stock up on consumables only to use up everything in my first random encounter. What a time waster.


Zoso said…
Blimey, that's quite an Age of Dragons! I was somewhere around 70-80 hours for my playthrough, I think, which covered most of the side quests (though I probably missed a few)
mbp said…
Apart from the afk stuff - I reckon I am a slow player Zoso. Its not just side-quests. I also have a habit of repeating stuff to see "what happens if I do that instead".

Its a bit like when you bring a dog for a walk - you walk five km but the dog runs ten because they are always running round in circles :)
Jayedub said…
Yeah, the random encounters get old, specially when traveling around Denerim.

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