Sunday, January 03, 2010

Advertising Shaving Products

As we clear away the detritus of Christmas I contemplate my newly expanded collection of men's toiletries and read yet another idiotic blurb which tries to link my morning shave to the ascent of Everest.

This attempt at glamourising the mundane activity of shaving is absolutely typical. The folks marketing shaving products have always tried to use glamour, adventure and sex to sell their products.

I think they are completely missing the point. I doubt there is a man on the planet who considers shaving to be an adventurous activity. It is a basic utilitarian function and we know it.

Perhaps these products are marketed at women who are buying for their menfolk but I really think there is a gap in the market for a shaving product marketed directly at men.

How about something that looks like a Leatherman tool: beaten out of sheet metal and packed full of technology and function. Instead of advertising it with images of James Bond absailing down Everest have a guy in blue overalls with oil stained fingers demonstrate how the titanium reinforced blade can cut through Kevlar body armour.

I'd buy that.


Stabs said...

Tbh they should give achievement points instead of just saying it's like climbing Everest.

Foam alone - shave yourself without anyone watching - 10 points.

No need to bleed - Nickless shave - 10 points.

I fear no beard - complete shave in under 30 seconds - 50 points

mbp said...

"Go for the Jugular" - Shave yourself with a Cut-throat razor - 100 points