Sunday, January 31, 2010

Longing for some turn based tactics

I have a longing on me for a turn based strategy game - not a huge strategic juggernaut like Civ but something with an emphasis on turn based combat. I actually found the game I want in my collection - It is called Rim Battle Planets. It seems to be exactly what I want - turn based combat with little tanks and men running around the terrain. Sadly the game has a mean time between crashes of about 5 minutes on my PC. I have tried all the fixes I can think of - turning off all bells and whistles, running in compatibility mode, running on a single processor core but nothing works.

Looking around for an equivalent I am a bit stumped. I have plenty of real time strategy games in my collection but turn based are a rare breed. The following possibilities suggest themselves:

Kings Bounty the Legend: Possibly, but I played the demo so much that I got bored of game.
Combat Mission: Possibly, this is a lot more serious than I was looking for though.
Advanced Strategic Command:  This free game is the sort of thing I am looking for but boy is it ugly and boy is the interface clunky. Also I suspect the single player aspect is lousy.


Anonymous said...

Took me a while to find it. Sadly, there's no demo to download any longer. :(

I was going to test it with Wine.


mbp said...

I can't really reccommend RIM Solbright - it keeps crashing on me. I have installed Combat Mission to see how I get on.

Anonymous said...

Heh, that's the sole reason you got me interested! I didn't want to play the game myself.

I wanted to see how well Wine handled RIM given that Wine works well on modern OSes.


Tesh said...

You could check out People's Tactics over here:

Or Battle for Wesnoth over here:

I keep meaning to try them, but I'm a wee bit busy of late. I've heard good about both.