Friday, August 07, 2009

Get a Lotro lifetime sub for €110 / £75?

An unadvertised feature of Codemasters Lotro Europe welcome back week is that returnees have a once off opportunity to purchase a lifetime subscription for only €110 / £75. This represents a considerable saving on the normal life time sub of €220.

This offer provoked some discussion on the forums because apparently it isn't available to the faithful who never left the game. Understandably some long term subscribers are upset that departees are being offered a better deal than themselves.

Anyway I am considering availing of the offer myself. Lotro is a game that I have already left twice and come back to twice. Having a lifetime sub will allow me to dip in and out of the game whenever the mood takes me without having to think about subscribing.


Victor Barreiro Jr. said...

LOTRO is ripe for tons more content. :)

I can't predict how long lotro will last, but if it lasts quite a while, you will have made a great purchase. :)

I'd get a lifetime sub if I had the cash as well.

mbp said...

Hi Victor. When LOTRO came out first they also offered a sweet deal on a lifetime sub to people in the open beta. I thought about it but decided that it made more sense to wait and pay as I went. Now two years later however I have played the game enough and have returned to the game twice after log breaks to know that I am likely to keep playing well into the future. The lifetime sub makes sense for me.

Victor Barreiro Jr. said...

By the way, I'm adding you to my list of Lotro Blogs, alright? :D

mbp said...

Thank you Victor. Of course I don't mind at all although I can't claim to be a Lotro exclusive blog.