Giant Problems

Svalfang is an evil Giant who terrorises North Eastern Bree lands. He is a solo level 30 elite in a region populated by level 20'ish mobs so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to try out Ceoldir's ability to solo elites.

Soloing Svalfang seems to be quite the rage and I encountered two others trying to tackle the giant alone. While on the prequest Ceoldir saw a level 29 minstrel struggling with Svalfang. The minstrel was almost overcome but Ceoldir chipped in and gave a hand. Later when returning to do the quest proper Ceoldir saw a level 29 guardian going toe to toe with the giant. The guardian was putting up a better fight than the minstrel and it was neck and neck. I stood back and watched but it looked like the Guardians morale was about to hit zero first so I threw in one emergency heal. Giving unasked for heals is always risky but the guardian seemed to be happy rather than upset so I think I judged it right.

Anyway finally it was my turn. I attacked him from range with assistance from the raven pet. I kept the giant de-buffed to reduce the effectiveness of his attacks and whenever I needed to recover I used blinding flash (30 second mezz on 15 second cooldown) to freeze him and give me some breathing space. The fight itself was straightforward but a bit long: The only slightly tricky thing was watching the damage over time (dots) to make sure I didn't waste a mezz.

Ceoldir 1 - Svalfang 0.

Truthfully my level 28 LM didn't haven't to break a sweat to take down a level 30 elite. Proof again if more proof be needed that the LM is a master of soloing.

For variety I tried again later with the bear pet. The bear is hardier than the crow and is intended to be a tank but I soon found that my bear (even fed with an oats and honey buff) could not keep aggro on Svalfang and the fight quickly reverted back to me tanking and using blinding flash to mezz.


Cap'n John said…
I always enjoyed the challenge soloing Elites, or even just doing Quests at a lower level, i.e., doing 'Orange' or 'Red' quests as soon as you get them when they're not just a walk in the park and you really need to think about what you're doing.

WoW's Hogger is always a lot of fun but I've noticed some classes can Solo him (even at a lower level), and some need help. He's actually a tough little bugger and is well deserving of his reputation (although the 40-man Raid is going a little overboard ;)

While playing my Tauren Druid I took a lot of pleasure in soloing all of the RFK quests at approx. level 30, including Charlga Razorflank. That was a tough but very satisfying encounter to solo.
mbp said…
I'm with you Cap'n John. I think it is always satisfying to see just how far you can push your soloing ability. Sadly none of the MMOs I have played reward you for doing so. Inevitably the fastest route to progress is to mass murder easy mobs a level or two below you.
Thallian said…
nice I've seen a burglar do this also with riddles and mischievous glee and dodge and stuff.

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