Saturday, August 29, 2009

A pug to remember

I was strolling through Esteldin when an unasked for invitation to a fellowship flashed across my screen. Unasked for invites from strangers are never a good sign but I was feeling adventurous in the O Henry sense and decided to follow where the finger of fate pointed.

"What Quest are you on" I asked in a tell.

"The Defence of Trestlebridge" came the reply.

Noting that I also needed that quest I clicked accept to the waiting invitation.

There were two others in the group. Not enough for a serious attempt at the defence but a start. I wrote a quick greeting into fellowship chat explaining that I also needed the quest.

"What quest are you on" typed the fellowship leader.

"The Defence of Trestle-bridge" I typed again.

"Can you not talk? Say something" demanded the leader.

Thinking that he must mean voice chat I scrabbled to find my headset. This turned out to be pointless because neither of the other members had voice chat enabled. In the meantime however a conversation sprang up between the pair.

"He must be dumb" said the leader "He is not answering my questions"

"I can see his replies" protested the other

This farce continued for some minutes until the group leader realised that he had accidentally put me on ignore.

"Anybody know how to un-ignore someone" he asked.

I know but I couldn't tell him. I was on ignore.

At this point the second group member decided he had had enough.

"Bye" he said and then he was gone.

At almost the same time the leader spoke to the quest NPC and vanished into the instance alone. Still unable to communicate with him I din't know quite what he intended to do but I reckoned it would be unchivalrous to leave him in there on his own. I went in after him, arriving just in time to spot him leeroying into a horde of Orcs. I did my best to lend a hand but they were many, we were few and with no co-ordinated plan whatsoever we were doomed to failure.

We were booted out of the failed instance and I looked for some communication from the group leader hoping that perhaps he might solve the ignore problem.

Click... without a word he dissolved the fellowship and logged off.


Chappo said...

Accidentally put you on ignore...ah classic ;P

Thallian said...


mbp said...

Hi guys. I am actually a big fan of pugs in Lotro. I have had far more good experiences that bad. As long as you are prepared to be flexible and don't expect ultra efficiency they can be fine. This one was just funny though.

Marshal said...

Thats a great story... Like mbp said, I've usually had pretty good experience with pugs, but ya know, every once in awhile.... Sometimes it just boggles the mind how people behave :)

mbp said...

Hi Marshall ... I must admit I had to laugh myself.

Cap'n John said...

"He must be dumb" said the leader "He is not answering my questions."

This from the player who accidentally put you on ignore, didn't realize they had you on ignore, couldn't work out how to un-ignore you, then pulled a Leroy. Amusing.

mbp said...

Hi Cap'n John. Bizarrely as I visited The North Downs again last night I got yet another unasked for invite from exactly the same player. I politely declined.