Monday, August 17, 2009

Um...perhaps I spoke too soon.

Remember I crowed about how uber my Lotro lore master was. Remember how I suggested that the combination of crowd control, pets, debuffs, healing and damage made him an all round solo killing machine.

Well ... I think I have just discovered his Achille's heel.

Having hit level 29 Ceoldir set off towards Evendim in order to continue levelling into his thirties. One of the very first quests I picked up was "Goblins and Spiders" an on-level solo quest which required me to check out a spider corpse in this nasty Goblin camp:

Notice all those Goblins. Sure they are lower in level than me and sure they are normal and even some swarm type mobs but there are LOTS of them and they are aggro linked in groups with regular patrols and they respawn very quickly. Ceoldir's crowd control is totally inadequate to deal with such numbers. To make matters worse they hit hard and fast in melee which interrupts Ceoldir's skills. Once more than two of them started whacking at him he was unable to complete any of his attacks or skills.

I tried and I tried to whittle them down and sneak in but every time I got mobbed leaving me with the choice of running away or trying to fight them off with little more than my stick.

Conclusion: Groups of fast re-spawning, fast hitting, interrupting, stunning melee mobs = dead Lore Master.

I did complete the quest in the end but I had to employ a rather cowardly trick. I got as close to the objective as I could without aggroing anything and then I sent my pet in on a suicide run. While my poor pet was being beaten to death by every mob in sight I raced in, grabbed the objective and legged it. Not a particularly heroic strategy but an effective one.

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Thallian said...

Poor Fluffy, he lived well, and died well..