Thursday, August 06, 2009

Insight into the mind of a Hardcore Raider

If you are reading this you are probably not a hard core raider, not really hard core anyway. Even the hour or so a day it takes to browse a few blogs and maybe pen a few lines of your own is just not compatible with the gruelling time schedule serious hard core raiding demands.

Ethic's Brother Grim is a serious raider in one of he world's top raiding guilds. Today Ethic posted an lovely short interview with Grim giving the rest of us some insights into the world of the really hard core.

The most striking feature of the interview for me is that how Grim belies the stereotype of no-life socio-path that raiders are normally portrayed as. He comes across as a well spoken (I assume young) man who really enjoys his hobby, who takes pleasure out of his achievements and who values the friendship and social aspects of the game. He really doesn't sound all that different from a guy who is into football or photography or Comic book collecting or any of a range of other more traditional hobbies.

Except for one thing.

Grim admits to 6 to 6.5 hours playing each weekday and 14 hours per day at weekends. I assume forum browsing and planning has to happen on top of that. I really cannot think of any hobby or pass time that demands that sort of time commitment even at the highest levels.


DM Osbon said...

The more a 'game' becomes like work where I feel I have to concentrate almost a work shift per day of play, that is when I consider the game a failure.

The idea of a 'game' should reflect the inherant meaning. I shouldn't feel the need to make it into some kind of 'career'.

mbp said...

Hi DM. I have read plenty of article from people who quit raiding because of the endless grind but Grim seems to be still enjoying it. I still can't get my head around what a time sink it is though.