FEAR 2, for the record

I spent about 14 hours over the weekend playing through FEAR 2. I can't really give much of an opinion on the game because I find it is already slipping from my memory. I take that as a bad sign. There must have been enough in it to keep me playing till the closing credits but I do remember feeling that the game hadn't progressed at all from the original FEAR.


DM Osbon said…
Similar feelings for my playthrough also - haven't looked at it again & multiplayer was uninspiring.

Maybe try RE5 next?
mbp said…
Hi DM. Is that available on the PC I wonder? I did try Resident Evil three some time back but the port from console to PC had resulted in a mangled control scheme that was pretty much unplayable.
DM Osbon said…
Due out on PC in September - I'd be interested to see how it plays on PC. It was fairly enjoyable on console.

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