Monday, May 19, 2008

Uhhhh...Not much to report.

Blog has been quiet this last week partly because I was in Denmark on a work trip and partly because I find myself at a bit of a gaming loose end. I have finished Crysis and no other single player game catches my fancy at the moment.

I logged into LOTRO briefly. Turbine have added a lot of new content (including a whole new area) since I left but I could not drag up the motivation to sample it. I think I am just am bored of the whole swords and sorcery mmo format to be honest. Age of Conan is getting a bit of buzz on the blogosphere but I have no interest in it.

On a side note I have to complement Turbine on LOTROs new and improved quest log. It is a thing of beauty and really makes an adventurer's life easy. The quest sharing feature in particular deserves a mention - not only can you easily see who else has your quest you can also share pre-requisite quests with your group to allow every body to cath up with the quest arc. Superb.

I am not yet bored with EVE although I do get bored in EVE. Running missions is profitable but tedious. In moments of sheer boredom I have taken to logging an alt, hopping into the newbie space craft and flying off to some dangerous corner of the universe. It is amazing how far you can get in a newbie frigate. Most low sec gate camps cannot catch such a small fast craft. 0.0 with warp disruption bubbles is a different story but a brand new character has nothing to lose. In fact on one occasion, finding myself a long way from home, I used a handy pirate as a personal teleporter. Flying directly up to him and making a few choice comments about his mother was enough to secure his co-operation in destroying first my ship and then my pod. Bingo I wake a few seconds later back at home base.

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