Eve: Running the Gauntlet

They were waiting in Rancer.

I come out of the star-gate and my overview fills with the red markings of pirates. For some reason my display is messed. I cannot get out of map mode to see what is happening. I cannot see but I can hear the chaos of a battlefield around me.

"Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose"

Funny how I remember the first commandment of EVE just after I pop out into a gate camp. The 10 million isk worth of goods in my cargo hold represent almost everything I own.

Mustn't panic. I have a few cloaked seconds to plan a course of action.

The Vigil I am flying is fast and agile. I have fitted a warp core stabiliser and microwarp drive. Perhaps I can fly out of danger before they pin me down.

10 milllion isk is a drop in the ocean to an established player. If they are in this for the money perhaps they won't bother with small fry like me.

I cannot get out of map mode but I can turn on the filter to check for pod kills in the last hour. Rancer glows an angry red. Lots and lots of pod kills. They are not in it for the money.

There is the exit gate, select it. Go for it

Warp to zero, WARP TO ZERO.

My ship uncloaks and aligns towards its destination in preparation for warp. I still cannot see but I hear the tell tale clicking as someone tries to target me.

Come on, come on, WARP!

Without visuals I cannot see my little ship entering warp but the AU's to my destination start to fall. I am in warp. I made it.

I come out of warp meters from the exit gate.

Thank God for Warp to Zero

The overview flares red again.

Oh no! Are they are camping this gate too?

Activate the gate, ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE!!!

You cannot activate a gate until you come out of warp. There is an excruciating moment of danger as your ship sits defenseless in front of the gate waiting for a chance to be catapulted to safety.

The screen changes.

I made it. I have escaped.

At this moment I love EVE.


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