Thursday, May 08, 2008

EVE: I am a believer

My 21 day EVE free trial has ended and I have bought a further 30 day subscription. I don't really expect to get heavily involved in the game but EVE is a game that cannot be ignored. It is almost like I had to subscribe. I have only scratched the surface but already I realise that EVE makes other MMOs look, well, just silly.

I mentioned that I had lost my way a bit in the game after unexpectedly achieving all the goals I set for myself early on the the free trial. The sandbox nature of EVE means that you need to set your own goals and without goals the game can seem very tedious.

I have already established Marb Pelico as a frigate/destroyer flying vagabond who eke's out a meagre living from his fleet of flying rust buckets. I think I will now work him up towards level 2 and higher missions which probably means upgrading to a cruiser with consequent cash and training requirements. At the moment most of Marb's cash comes from salvaging which is mind numbingly boring. I would really like to earn more from trading but I haven't managed to find any trade routes that offer anything like the earnings I get from salvaging.

Having played the 21 day free trial through Steam I also bought the game from them. At current dollar exchange rates Steam is a much cheaper option (Steam $15+taxes is approximately €12 as opposed to €19.99 from CCP). Steam doesn't collect the monthly subscription so I will either have to buy game time codes cards or sign up with CCP. Bizarrely Game time codes are much cheaper as they are priced in dollars. To be honest I don't see EVE as a game I will play continuously. I expect I will dip in and out of the game so time codes make more sense all round. The only minor disadvantage of going the steam route is that the default EVE icon now loads Steam before loading the game which extends loading time a little. You can easily bypass this by creating a shortcut directly to the EVE client hidden in your Steam directory.

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