Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eve Online: First blood

It turns out there is a silver lining to the sad story of Marb Pelico's unfortunate demise in Amamake a couple of nights ago.

I was pretty pissed off with myself for being there in the first place. A quick Google search will reveal Amamake to be a prime spot for pirates hoping to gank noobs making their first foray into low security space.

I was pissed off with myself for going in there with a full load of cargo. I only lost about 1 million worth of stuff but I should have known better than to bring anything in at all.

I was pissed off with myself for going back ratting in the same system after I had been lucky to escape from pirate in the same spot only a few minutes earlier.

I was particularly pissed off at my panic during the battle itself. I don't think I got a single shot off at my attackers.

I was really pissed off that I froze and allowed myself to be podded. I had read all about the importance of anticipating when your ship is going to blow and being ready to warp instantly your pod comes out. Sadly I just froze when the real thing happened to me.

All in all a pretty embarrassing sequence of events that I would gladly forget except that ....

This morning I finally figured out how to read the combat log and guess what? It turns out that I actually managed to take out the guy who laid the final blow on me. In fairness I had a lot of help from an npc gate gun but I still get credited with the kill.

The balance sheet goes:
Marb Pelico's losses: One Thrasher + fittings (1 million) +Cargo (1 million)
Generic Bad Guys losses: One Taranis (8 million) + Assorted fittings (5 million?)

That cheered me up no end. I am not pissed off any more. Go Marb Pelico, you killer you!

Plus I still have kill rights on his gang mates who contributed to my demise. Hmmm...

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