Monday, May 19, 2008

EVE has all the best stories

While World of Warcraft bloggers struggle to write something interesting about their 99th visit to Karazhan Eve writers are spoiled for choice. The massive fraud schemes, the epic fleet battles and the many life or death struggles that make up a typical day in EVE all feed the writers craft. How is it then that despite all this I have been relatively silent about my first few weeks in EVE?

I guess it is mainly because I am a new player in an old game. Anything I could write about the newbie experience has been written before. I am also aware of my own ignorance of the game. Eve is a complex game with many layers. I think I have figured out how some things work but often enough I have had to revise my opinion as I discover some new way of doing things.

It is not that there is a shortage of things to document. This week CCP released details of a forthcoming expansion that will introduce faction warfare. From what I can make out this will offer a form of organised PVP for those that do not participate in the massive alliance wars that dominate the player owned regions of space. Offical Site here and lots more info linked to by Crazy Kinux here

For the last few days the in game news channel has been giving constant coverage to the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack. I immediately flew to the site in order to offer my assistance. The destruction was fearsome to behold but I was somewhat miffed when the survivors were unwilling to pay a fair price for my cargo of medicaments. Altruism is all very well and good but a pod pilot still has to pay for his stardrive fuel!

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